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Ice Rentals

Schedule for Thursday, Jan. 23, 2020

7am - 8amBOOKED - Soo Pee Wee League
8am - 9amAVAILABLE
9am - 10amAVAILABLE
10am - 11amAVAILABLE
11am - 12pmBOOKED - Addison, Jeff
12pm - 1pmBOOKED - Noon Hour Hockey
1pm - 2pmAVAILABLE
2pm - 3pmBOOKED - Northern 55's
3pm - 4pmBOOKED - City Police
4pm - 5pmBOOKED - Punch, Kevin
5pm - 6pmBOOKED - Soo Pee Wee League
6pm - 7pmBOOKED - Soo Pee Wee League
7pm - 8pmBOOKED - Soo Pee Wee League
8pm - 9pmBOOKED - Soo Pee Wee League
9pm - 10pmBOOKED - Soo Pee Wee League
10pm - 11pmBOOKED - Soo Pee Wee League
11pm - 12amBOOKED - Mislan, David
12am - 1amAVAILABLE

Book Time

This calendar is updated several times a day with the latest bookings, but it's possible some timeslots marked as "available" may actually be booked. This will be confirmed when we contact you to confirm your booking. Note that your time slot in the calendar won't be marked as "booked" until we manually confirm the booking, usually within 24 hours.

The form below allows you to book individual hour time slots, one at a time.
Pee Wee staff will contact you using the information you provide to confirm the booking.

To set up a recurring or multi-hour booking, contact the Arena at 705.253.8840 or

Day Selected: Thursday, Jan. 23, 2020
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